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Nexthink Announces Partnership with Datrix

End-user analytics to drive efficiency, cut costs and deliver value to customers in the UK

August 12, 2014 – Lausanne, Switzerland –Nexthink®, the unique provider of End-user IT Analytics, today announced a partnership with Datrix, a specialist infrastructure integrator. The partnership integrates Nexthink’s end-user IT analytics with Datrix’s support and service offerings.

By adding Nexthink’s end-user analytics to its existing portfolio, Datrix will be unique in its ability to deliver infrastructure visibility from layers 0 to 7 of the OSI model. The partnership will give both organisations the industry’s most compelling IT offering to CxO level, and allow Nexthink and Datrix to offer collective customers significant improvements in efficiency and productivity throughout their organisations, driven by improved visibility and significant time savings in their IT departments.

“The combination of Datrix’s experience and Nexthink’s unique value proposition make an ideal partnership to take advantage of the opportunity that IT Operations Analytics (ITOA) presents for the IT industry,” said Nathan Wyld, European Channel Director at Nexthink. “Specifically in the UK public sector, where driving efficiency is critical despite the need to cut costs, we believe that our partnership can deliver real and measureable value to customers.”

“Datrix see Nexthink as the single missing piece in our support and service portfolio. By addressing infrastructure challenges from the end-user perspective, Datrix believe that we can further strengthen the proactive support capabilities of our customers, as well as allowing them to deliver a more individual and personalised service to their end-users,” said Mahmood Chaudhri, Managing Director at Datrix. “Datrix recognise that the uniqueness of Nexthink’s solution, coupled with Datrix’s experience in the UK public sector market, provides us with a unique opportunity to lead the way in the delivery of end-user analytics in the public sector space.”

Nexthink provides real-time visibility and analytics on the usage of the entire IT infrastructure and endpoints from the end-user perspective. All important end-user related events, for example changes in the IT infrastructure, application usage, bandwidth, error messages and crashes, as well as potential security risks and the performance of IT services are recorded and visualized from the end-user perspective.


About Nexthink

Nexthink is the innovator of End-user IT Analytics for security, ITSM and transformation. Our software uniquely provides enterprise-wide, real-time: analytics covering all endpoints, users, applications and network connections; and visualization of IT infrastructure and service delivery. Nexthink helps IT departments connect, communicate and collaborate to achieve their major goals and to optimize endpoint security, operations, support and workplace transformation projects. Nexthink’s real-time analytics and visualization extend help desk, server monitoring, APM (application performance management) and PCLM (PC lifecycle management) tools and provide essential visibility for IT governance.

Nexthink serves the Global 5000 utilizing a leveraged partner model. Nexthink is a private company headquartered in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Nexthink® is a registered trademark of Nexthink S.A. To learn more, visit

About Datrix

For over 20 years Datrix has delivered innovative end-to-end network and communication solutions, expert consultancy and professional managed IT services to private and public sector organisations, from small enterprises through to some of the UK’s largest Healthcare and Central Government bodies.

Built upon the principles of honesty, reliability and customer focus, we view each new project as an opportunity to build a long-term relationship that yields measurable and sustainable value. By working with Datrix you are choosing a specialist team who will assist you in moving forward, provide guarantees and give you the peace of mind, that we will always deliver on our promise.

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