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five(9)s and Nexthink – Together, keeping the end-user in mind

September 26, 2013 – LAUSANNE“I cannot print!”, “My computer has blue screens!”, “Yesterday, SAP was slow again!”, “Last week I could not work with Outlook for hours!”, “Our network is so slow!” or “Logging in has taken an eternity over the last few days!”, “Malware killed my PC even though security software was installed!”. It is statements like these that put IT departments on the defensive!

You probably know these problems well, and it is here where Nexthink brings value. The Nexthink solution helps you visualize subjectively perceived grievances from the end-user perspective. Through real-time IT analytics, it also easily transforms these grievances into objectively measurable results, enhance security and thus improving the quality of your IT services and making IT more transparent and accountable.

five(9)s and Nexthink are pleased to announce the official launch of their collaboration. The partnership agreement is now signed and sealed, with five(9)s’ customers especially benefiting from this partnership. Nexthink’s end-user IT analytics complements five(9)s’ existing portfolio of IT management solutions. “We are convinced,” emphasizes Stojan Dodic, Managing Director and Head of Sales at five(9)s, “by partnering with Nexthink, we will now be able to address many previously difficult IT problems and IT issues and offer improved assistance to our customers. Our customers have come to expect reliable and results-oriented high-end consulting from five(9)s, and with Nexthink’s innovative IT analytics we can offer an expanded range of solutions, especially in the optimization of operational IT processes.”

Compared to traditional monitoring tools Nexthink offers a completely unique approach, focusing on the end-user and the IT services they consume. After all, what good does it do you if your existing monitoring solution shows that all lights are green while your end-users are complaining that they cannot work? Nexthink’s real-time IT analytics provides full visibility from the end-user perspective across the IT infrastructure. Furthermore, the results can be compared across all the company’s existing endpoints, end-users, applications and network connections.

“We are very pleased to welcome five(9)s as a new business partner. five(9)s is LANDESK’s largest and most successful consulting company in the German market. five(9)s’ customers will benefit from the synergies between LANDESK’s client management solution and Nexthink’s IT analytics to operate their IT even more efficiently,” said Ulrich Zeh, Sales Director Germany at Nexthink. “Providing real-time IT analytics from the end-user perspective both for IT operations as well as a planning basis for long-term and expensive transformation projects, Nexthink enhances security measures and saves our customers significant IT costs.”


About five9(s)

Active in the market for over six years, five(9)s has quickly made itself a name as partner of well-known solution providers in the client management and security field. Certified consultants advise and support companies from the SME sector, international corporations, banks, insurance companies, government agencies or ministries. For more information, see

About Nexthink

Nexthink is the innovator of End-user IT Analytics for security, ITSM and transformation. Our software uniquely provides enterprise-wide, real-time: analytics covering all endpoints, users, applications and network connections; and visualization of IT infrastructure and service delivery. Nexthink helps IT departments connect, communicate and collaborate to achieve their major goals and to optimize endpoint security, operations, support and workplace transformation projects. Nexthink’s real-time analytics and visualization extend help desk, server monitoring, APM (application performance management) and PCLM (PC lifecycle management) tools and provide essential visibility for IT governance.

Nexthink serves the Global 5000 utilizing a leveraged partner model.

Nexthink is a private company headquartered in Lausanne, Switzerland. 

Nexthink® is a registered trademark of Nexthink S.A. To learn more, visit


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