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Press Release|3 minutes

By integrating Nexthink with EasyVista LANexpert optimizes the service desk and the cost of your infrastructure

Lausanne, June 10 2014 – By integrating EasyVista and Nexthink® technologies, LANexpert makes the management of IT services increasingly proactive and focused on the most important element for IT: the end-user.

Nexthink is the only vendor to provide real-time visibility and ability to ultra-fast analytics of the use, performance and compliance of the IT infrastructure and all end-user environments with a unique perspective: the end-user. All events that impact the end-user, such as changes in infrastructure, application usage, bandwidth, error messages, instability of workstations and applications, security breaches or issues with the performance of IT services are recorded and displayed in real-time from the end-user’s perspective.

Nexthink’s End-user IT Analytics solution drastically improves the efficiency of operations and governance of the IT infrastructure. Nexthink maps all services, how they are consumed and how the infrastructure meets the needs of all end-users from the workstation to the services.

EasyVista is enriched with real-time information from Nexthink, which significantly improves the ITIL processes (incident management, problem management, etc.). as well as governance and transformation projects. Nexthink IT Analytics allows EasyVista users to anticipate major incidents with the following effects; reduction up to 35% of end-user calls, prediction of the likely causes or reduced resolution time up to 60%. This proactive approach can easily identify end-users who have been or will be affected by a potential problem.

The integrated solution combining EasyVista and Nexthink will be presented during a webinar June 19th organized by LANexpert.

Francois Martineu, Business Development Manager at LANexpert says “LANexpert developed this integration with the goal of making IT service management more fluid. The service impact on end-users in real-time and in an integrated manner, delivers an immediate effect and greatly improves service desk performance. In addition, the potential direct savings is substantial through the difference between software inventory and license usage. This unique integration provides multiple benefits to enterprises.”

Francois D’Haegeleer, Business Development and Alliances at Nexthink says “The integration of Nexthink with EasyVista allows our customers to provide a proactive, high-performance service to their end-users. The experience and expertise of LANexpert in both technology and IT infrastructure provide a service with high added value for our customers, focusing on productivity, safety and mastery of strategic transformation projects.”

About LANexpert

LANexpert is a service integrator and IT infrastructure solutions provider within Veltigroup. LANexpert’s vision is to transform the IT infrastructure of its customers to deliver value and improve the overall efficiency of the company. Now based in Geneva, Lausanne, Berne and Zurich, LANexpert can count on a team of over 180 highly qualified staff covering all areas of infrastructure expertise (Network, System, ITSM, Storage & Security).

About Nexthink

Nexthink is the innovator of End-user IT Analytics for security, ITSM and transformation. Our software uniquely provides enterprise-wide, real-time: analytics covering all endpoints, users, applications and network connections; and visualization of IT infrastructure and service delivery. Nexthink helps IT departments connect, communicate and collaborate to achieve their major goals and to optimize endpoint security, operations, support and workplace transformation projects. Nexthink’s real-time analytics and visualization extend help desk, server monitoring, APM (application performance management) and PCLM (PC lifecycle management) tools and provide essential visibility for IT governance.

Nexthink serves the Global 5000 utilizing a leveraged partner model. Nexthink is a private company headquartered in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Nexthink® is a registered trademark of Nexthink S.A. To learn more, visit

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Sales & Marketing Veltigroup

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