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How Nexthink Works

End users are key to any IT department. Sometimes those end users are external consumers and other times they are employees.

Nexthink focuses on the employee IT experience.

With Nexthink, every employee has a lightweight collector installed on their devices.

These employees could be any where in the world, using any number of devices.

Nexthink then collects activities and metrics such as:

Performance issues, unused software, policy breaches, browser requests and hundreds of other metrics.

This activity is then fed to the Nexthink Engine where it is processed and interpreted in real time.

This data is then aggregated for top level executive consumption in the user-friendly Nexthink Portal and the more granular and robust Nexthink Finder.

The data provided in these two places provides IT, support and operations teams / executives with the visibility and intelligence they need to act on, engage with and remediate the entire employee IT experience.

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