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Gain real-time visibility into all aspects of digital employee experience.

Visualize the Experience

What if you could see what your employees are experiencing – before it’s too late?

Every application crash, network slowdown, device issue, and software install. Correlated with employee sentiment, for the only complete view of experience.

Get the real-time insight you need to resolve IT issues before they become employee disruptions. Watch your rollouts succeed and employee satisfaction keep rising.

Key Use Cases

Rapidly solve complex IT issues

When issues occur, drill down to the event level to identify root causes in minutes

Plan and implement technology rollouts

Confirm pre-deployment readiness and streamline and monitor migrations to ensure success

Monitor the performance of critical services

Use dashboards and event data to track and improve device, network, and application performance

Reduce software and hardware costs

Review actual software usage and hardware needs to reclaim licenses and avoid unneeded hardware replacements

Real-time Experience Data

Capture data on hundreds of activities and properties from employee devices, to gain a comprehensive view of the digital experience. Get clear and unified visibility into experience across devices, applications, and networks.

You can even resolve issues before they impact employees, through advanced analytics that help identify emerging problems.

Easy Exploration & Drill-down

Understand and explore digital experience in any part of the organization. When an issue occurs, you can quickly drill down to the event level to see the exact device parameters, software versions, network resources, and other elements. Nexthink’s unique dashboard-to-event visibility makes troubleshooting dramatically easier – helping you find and fix issues faster and reduce operational costs. IT becomes more responsive and employee satisfaction goes up.

Advanced Visualizations

A single view of cross-domain data is needed to solve tough IT problems, but data by itself is not enough. Only Nexthink provides the advanced visualizations that make it easy to explore massive experience data and identify hidden causes. The product’s Network View allows you to navigate multi-dimensional data and pivot across elements, so root causes quickly become clear.

Pre-built Dashboards and Content

Nexthink offers an extensive library of pre-built, configurable content to manage experience for specific IT resources and initiatives. Our 100+ library packs make it easy to collect, process, and visualize data for numerous use cases – including Windows 10, Office 365, Microsoft Teams, G Suite, service desk (L1 and L2 support), device compliance, geolocation, desktop virtualization, and dozens more.

Our out-of-the-box content for the remote worker experience provides extensive capabilities for identifying and solving dozens of challenges associated with working from home.

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