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Digital Experience Score

Measure, manage and act on the key drivers of your digital employee experience.

Manage the Journey

Imagine if you had a way to see exactly what IT issues are impacting your employees? And you had one view showing the issue diagnosis and a way to resolve it? And you had a one-click fix to take instant action?

The Digital Experience Score delivers this by combining hard metrics and user sentiment data to give immediate visibility and context over your employees’ digital experiences across the key experience drivers.

Why Keep Score?

Know where you stand

Combine hard metrics with sentiment data to gain real-time visibility over the current state of your digital employee experience.

Drive continuous improvement

Easily detect drops in performance or satisfaction to make informed decisions and prioritize your IT roadmap.

Deliver the right data to the right people

Align the enterprise by delivering relevant data across any IT stakeholders – from support teams to C-level executives.

Impact your bottom line

Explore how your Score links directly to an increase in productivity and sentiment, as well as IT cost reductions.

Measure What Matters Most

Measure the actual digital experiences of your employees when interacting with their digital workplace across critical applications, collaboration tools, hardware devices and more.

Breakdown your Score by remote or office worker to gain contextualized insight into how employee location is impacting experience, engagement and productivity.

Actionable Insight

The Score gives you the visibility at the level of detail you need – from executive reporting to the operational detail needed to drive continuous improvement, and all the way to the individual device or employee – allowing you to identify, troubleshoot and remediate problems quickly.

Experience Optimization

Executive Dashboard

Operational Detail

Individual User / Device

Baseline and Improve

The Score allows you to benchmark your score across your organization – comparing functions, roles or working locations.

You gain immediate insight into optimization opportunities for employee experience.

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