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Visibility and insight for proactive IT

The Problem

You don’t have visibility into your end-user computing environments

With Nexthink

Gain insight with real-time experience data from your devices

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The Problem

You don’t have visibility into your end-user computing environments

The Solution

Nexthink’s unique workplace experience analytics and data visualization provides the visibility and insight required to  enable IT to be more proactive, to reduce costs and above all, to enhance end-user experience and business productivity

Real-time Experience Data

Capture relevant data on hundreds of activities and properties from employee devices with negligible impact on desktop performance and network traffic.

High-Performance Analytics

Process millions of endpoint activities in seconds, providing a real-time view of IT infrastructure usage data from the employee perspective.

Intuitive Browser-based Data Visualization

A comprehensive set of configurable executive dashboards delivers the visibility required to act on, engage with, and remediate the entire employee IT experience.

Rapid Data Drill-down

Analyze IT services within seconds, and rapidly expand or drill-down into  the relevant data you need to identify, remediate and report on IT issues.

Get unrivaled visibility into your end-user computing environment.