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Monitor, score, and optimize the employee experience – across devices, applications, and networks.

The Problem

You don’t have visibility into your end-user computing environments

With Nexthink

Gain insight with real-time experience data from your devices

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The Problem

You don’t have visibility into your end-user computing environments

The Solution

Nexthink’s unique workplace experience analytics and data visualization provides the visibility and insight required to enable IT to be more proactive, to reduce costs and above all, to enhance end-user experience and business productivity.


Shine a light on your workforce’s digital experience, with real-time visibility into devices, applications, and networks.

By capturing and visualizing event-level data, Nexthink Analyze shows you what’s actually happening – application crashes, connection failures, software installs, and much more. Correlate technical metrics with employee sentiment from Nexthink Engage and you get unmatched insight into the digital experience of employees.


Stop wondering and start measuring. Nexthink’s Digital Experience Score quantifies the complete digital employee experience.

Know where you stand on the key drivers of employee experience, including hard metrics and employee sentiment. Use the Score to identify opportunities for improvement, measure progress over time, and demonstrate the impact of your experience improvement efforts.


Don’t wait for problems to occur – get proactive about improving the quality of your IT service.

Nexthink Analyze gives you clear guidance on what issues to focus on, the likely root causes, and how to remediate them. Let Nexthink show you where to focus to drive maximum improvement in your digital experience.

The thing that stands out the most to me is having the visbility. It's no longer a guessing game, it's no longer figuring out the scope of something or not having the true understanding. For us to be able to do our jobs more effectively we need to understand exactly whats going on ”

Brian DeAngelo | Blackstone
Senior Vice President

Get unrivaled visibility into your end-user computing environment.