End-User Analytics
Made Easy With V6

A visual experience of your data

A life changing release raising End-user Analytics to the next level of usability and productivity to become proactive, preemptive, and predictive in managing IT operations, security, and projects.

The redesigned Portal V6 enables my team to create custom dashboards in minutes and present more sophisticated analytics. New progressive discovery in Finder allows us, with a single click, to identify interesting patterns and context

Henning Kupfer
Head of Client Management, Brose

Analytics reinvented

Redesigned Portal

Fully redesigned Portal

Sharpen your IT line of sight with cutting edge visualizations to manage IT with efficiency, anticipation and clarity. With a new layout manager designing custom dashboards is now a matter of minutes!

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User View

New User View in Finder

Understand the user side of IT with an interactive timeline of all devices, activities, issues, changes and services of an end-user. Identify user experience problems across all users in one click!

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Collector Windows Server

Collector for Windows Servers

Extend End-User Analytics to discover and understand end-to-end dependencies related to the end-user experience and service consumption while increasing overall security and compliance.

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Analytics for everyone

Whether you are the CIO, an IT Manager, an Administrator, or an interested line of business manager, End-user Analytics is changing the way IT organizations are aligning their operations with the needs of the business and the end-user. With the V6 release, Nexthink is enabling organizations to accelerate and simplify the management and transformation of their complex IT infrastructure amid rapidly changing business requirements and end-user work styles.

Analytics making sense

The truth is in your data, let’s make it easy to find it!

The simple, modern, flat look and feel of Portal V6 makes focusing on the data much easier; understanding your IT has never been so fast and straightforward, communicating about your IT has never been so easy and clear! Be empowered to get a visual experience with actionable data at the speed of insight.

Time and location have been unified in dashboards allowing you to easily understand the context of what is shown as you navigate the information and the timeline. A separate metric definition and UI presentation allows you to easily define the data that you want to compute and then gives the ability to combine metrics in different visualizations depending on the target audience.

No time? Build your analytics in minutes.

A new layout manager in Portal V6 based on award winning visual concepts allows you to easily arrange elements in a dashboard, any way you want and it always looks great! With new widgets, graph types, immediate previews and simplified steps, designing and sharing custom and role-based dashboards now takes a matter of minutes!

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IT works for all users, are you sure?

New service overview dashboard in Portal V6 helps you understand at a glance the status of all your IT services from the perspective of the end-users, in real-time. New service detail dashboards help you quickly understand how a service is used, where problems are located and identify users that are impacted.

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The new User View in Finder V6 presents all devices, information, activities, issues, changes and services related to an IT end-user, all in one place in one timeline. Single click investigations with progressive discovery from the user and device views enable organizations to directly understand if an event or an issue is reoccurring for a specific user, since when and how often. More actionable drill downs in Finder V6 allow to easily verify how many end-users are affected by similar patterns, which accelerates problem identification and resolution.

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Extend End-User Analytics end-to-end

Extend End-user Analytics with Windows Server Collector V6 beyond the first destination and start discovering, mapping and understanding end-to-end dependencies related to the end-user experience and service consumption while increasing overall security and compliance.

Your End-user Analytics is now aware about Citrix, Microsoft RDS and VMware application streaming, server front-end and back-end connectivity mapping and issues.

Stretch your compliance and security analytics with the knowledge about malicious web and cloud monitoring from servers and administrator activity through visibility and credential auditing on all endpoints.

Have an independent patch and update validation, and a complete server hardware, software, and service inventory. The visibility you need when you are not be in charge of server administration but need to insure user experience accessing these servers, specific established SLA and security and compliance controls.

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An analytics platform doesn’t need to be complex to manage

In the new V6 platform metrics, services, and categories are centralized and automatically synchronized across all Engines. Changes in categories and services are automatically reflected in dependent metrics and services to simplify the configuration. Metrics can be easily created in the Finder starting from an investigation, it’s just a few clicks away to make it available in a Portal dashboard. Nexthink Finder automatically proposes the list of available Engines during connection – login once, and switch Engine in 3 seconds.

Custom is great but ready-to-use can be better!

Nexthink V6 offers a fully redesigned Library with new content to take advantage of the new opportunities offered by V6. A simplified import of Library packs directly from Finder that includes ready to use content for a large set of use cases in IT operations, governance, security and specific projects such as user experience improvement, malware protection, shadow IT, user and device compliance, printing optimization, cost control, Internet Explorer 11 migration, Windows 10 migration, and more! Continued publishing of a new library pack every month, stay tuned and don’t forget to look at what’s available already in Nexthink Library.