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Marketing Transformation

A recap of marketing's transformation in 2018

We Launched a
New Website, Twice

We successfully turned over a new website architecturally and aesthetically in record time. We increased pageviews ~100%, increased lead gen 7x, and increased the velocity of change on the website exponentially.

We Gave the New Website Superpowers

Our previous website's architecture prevented us from taking advantage of millions of dollars in value provided in the WordPress plugin ecosystem. We can now use a flotilla of plugins, not previously available to us, to solve a multitude of business / web challenges.

We Hot Swapped An Entire
Marketing Technology Stack

We successfully implemented a mature marketing technology stack in 1/8 the amount of time it takes most companies. This technology stack includes tens of tools, and thousands of underlying processes.

We Re-imagined the
Nexthink Brand

With the new brand guide we have initiated the slow-moving evolution of logos, colors, typography, messaging, and various business assets,

We Rebuilt Our Email Templates

We have 900+ operational, promotional, and transactional emails that are sent out thousands of times a day. We now have a consistent, beautiful, and robust email template to ensure those communications are the best they can be.

We Engineered a Robust Lifecycle Model, and Underlying Processes

We now have robust processes for lead / contact lifecycle management, lead assignment, lead scoring, data maintenance, attribution, activity tracking, and other centralized processes.

We Changed the Way we Campaign

The processes, strategies, and coordination behind our marketing machine has drastically changed.

A writeup on this is soon to come.

We Evolved Our Team

Our team has undergone numerous changes. Team members have joined / departed, responsibilities have shifted, and adversities have been met enthusiastically. These changes have been monumentally difficult, and our team has accommodated them all!

A writeup on this is soon to come.