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Win10: Migration

Latest Version:


Campaigns - 5
Categories - 8
Dashboards - 7
Metrics - 54
Scores - 1

Required Products

Nexthink Engage


Windows only


V6.20 and later


This pack requires the « Digital Experience Score » content pack, please make sure to have it installed in your environment beforehand.

This pack helps you perform the following activities:

  • List applications and device models by business/user-criticality.
  • List devices with insufficient hardware (Disk, RAM, CPU, graphical card, BIOS version) for Windows 10 & help to create a replacement budget.
  • Monitor the migration progress and control your roll out status.
  • Proactively detect employee experience degradation to keep high levels of employee productivity.
  • Validate that no major issues have been introduced and that your new Windows 10 environment is running smoothly.
  • Reduce migration duration by accelerating testing and validation of new Windows 10 corporate build.
  • Measure the overall satisfaction of end-users with their current device (this will act as your baseline) and discover which end-users are willing to be early adopters.
  • On a day-to-day basis, check which end-users are ready and when will be the best time for them to migrate.

This pack requires the Digital Experience Score content pack, please make sure to have it installed in your environment beforehand.'



  • - 22 Jul 2020 - Updated to use DEX v2
  • - 09 Oct 2019 - Initial release