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Win10: Migration

Analyze the current environment, plan and migrate to Windows 10.



Campaigns - 5
Categories - 8
Dashboards - 7
Metrics - 56
Scores - 1

Required Modules

Nexthink Engage




V6.20 and later
  • - Initial release


This pack requires the « Digital Experience Score » content pack, please make sure to have it installed in your environment beforehand.

This pack helps you perform the following activities:

  • List applications and device models by business/user-criticality.
  • List devices with insufficient hardware (Disk, RAM, CPU, graphical card, BIOS version) for Windows 10 & help to create a replacement budget.
  • Monitor the migration progress and control your roll out status.
  • Proactively detect employee experience degradation to keep high levels of employee productivity.
  • Validate that no major issues have been introduced and that your new Windows 10 environment is running smoothly.
  • Reduce migration duration by accelerating testing and validation of new Windows 10 corporate build.
  • Measure the overall satisfaction of end-users with their current device (this will act as your baseline) and discover which end-users are willing to be early adopters.
  • On a day-to-day basis, check which end-users are ready and when will be the best time for them to migrate.
Thank you!