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Reduce Memory Usage

Gain increased support to continuously sustain and improve employees digital experiences using unique DEX intelligence and actionable landscape visibility, accessible in real-time.



Dashboards - 3
Investigations - 1
Metrics - 34




V6.20 and later
  • - 28 Jan 2020 - Initial release


High Memory usage can quickly and critically impact the overall performance of any device. Often, this leads to the reduced speed and reactivity of OS and applications or, in more severe cases, can result in unexcepted device shutdown or application crashes, which can cause information loss. A high Memory usage can also be the symptom of a larger issue, such as high disk activity or high CPU usage. This pack will help IT to analyze and the troubleshoot Memory issues on any device in the IT landscape:

  • Check if application(s) are impacting Memory usage
  • Check if long uptimes are impacting Memory usage
  • Detect impact related to devices or users
  • Detect impact related to a specific location
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