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Required Products

Nexthink Act
Nexthink Engage


Windows 7
Windows 10


V6.14 and later


This module will help you monitoring different aspects of OneDrive:

  • User adoption
  • Resource consumption
  • Users lacking space
  • Space used by users
  • Users using another tool to store files online
  • Information about Microsoft Office applications
  • Status of OneDrive-related processes, folders and registry keys

Monitoring these different aspects will help you improve your employee productivity, by making sure that they leverage the tool correctly, and the security of your infrastructure, by detecting shadow.

In addition, this module will help you keep your OneDrive environment healthy, and mitigate possible issues by re-installation.

The operations described in this article should only be performed by a Nexthink Engineer or a Nexthink Certified Partner.
If you need help or assistance, please contact your Nexthink Certified Partner.



  • - 17 Nov 2020 - Fixed "Repair OneDrive" Remote Action
  • - 06 Aug 2020 - Added "Get MS Office information" Remote Action
  • - 04 Feb 2020 - Updated "Repair OneDrive" Remote Action
  • - 28 Jan 2020 - Updated "Get OneDrive Information" Remote Action
  • - 17 Jan 2020 - Updated "Repair OneDrive" Remote Action
  • - Fixed documentation
  • - Added "Test OneDrive Files Path and Syntax" Remote Action
  • - Updated "Set OneDrive Configuration" Remote Action
  • - Added "Get OneDrive Information" Remote Action
  • - Bug fixed "Repair OneDrive" Remote Action
  • - Initial release