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OneDrive – Operations

Ensure the Operations of your OneDrive Production Landscape are running smoothly and compliantly.


Categories - 3
Dashboards - 5
Metrics - 43

Required Modules

Nexthink Enhance




V6.14 and later
  • - 11 Nov 2019 - Initial release


This Pack is all about running your Production Environment smoothly.Highlights include:

  • Visualize your overall Digital Employee Experience with regards OneDrive. Are your Employees unhappy and you are not even aware of it?
  • Get a birds eye view of your Production landscape: the versions, the performance, the stability, the availability – all the key metrics to enable a proactive approach to incident management around OneDrive.
  • Understand how OneDrive is impacting your Network. Are your users using the correct pathways and protocols to get to OneDrive?
  • Find out about Shadow IT: There are a plethora of alternative Cloud Storage solutions available. If your users are using them, you could be non-compliant.
  • Ensure OneDrive is at a compliant version across your device landscape.
  • Identify Users and Devices that are outside the normal expected performance levels for OneDrive.
  • Ensure network links do not get saturated with OneDrive traffic risking other applications performance.