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OneDrive – Advanced Operations

Latest Version:


Categories - 2
Dashboards - 4
Metrics - 40

Required Products

Nexthink Act


Windows 10
Windows 7


V6.20 and later


The purpose of this pack is to provide you with deeper insights into your OneDrive deployment. Through this pack, You'll be able to do things such as determine which devices have OneDrive clients installed and running, determine the update rings of those devices, and determine the number of files and their size stored locally or in the cloud. The pack replaces the OneDrive legacy pack but includes some of its Remote Actions.



  • - 02 Feb 2021 - Fixed some typos found in the Slide-out help section of some of the dashboards.
  • - 28 Jan 2021 - Changed minimum required Nexthink version from 6.30 down to 6.29
  • - 28 Jan 2021 - Initial release
Thank you!