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Office 365 ProPlus – Operate

Latest Version:


Categories - 7
Dashboards - 7
Metrics - 47


Windows Only


V6.20 and later


This Pack is all about running the Production Office 365 ProPlus Environment smoothly. Highlights include:

  • Vizualize your landscape with quick and easy dash boards showing your deployed versions and highlighting any versions falling out of compliance or support.
  • Visualize your overall Digital Employee Experience with regards to Office 365 ProPlus. Is an update causing an unexpected increase in resource demand which you are not aware of? Are there crashes or freezes taking place which your users are not reporting?
  • Maintain control of updates. Updating Office 365 ProPlus is a significant challenge. Use the Office 365 ProPlus - Operate pack to ensure all updates are tested to the right systems before being deployed to Production.



  • - 25 Feb 2020 - Update O365 ProPlus apps Category
  • - 12 Feb 2020 - Update ProPlus Version category
  • - 13 Jan 2020 - Initial release