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Office 365 migration - 25 Feb 2020 - Update O365 ProPlus apps Category


Categories - 5
Dashboards - 2
Metrics - 38


Windows 7
Windows 10


V6.20 and later


This module will accompany you during your Office 365 migration, from planning to post-migration checks. Note that the full list of Microsoft Office 365 destinations is provided by Microsoft.

  • Validate if users' Microsoft Office installations are ready to migrate to Microsoft Office 365 (compatible addins, macros and VBA scripts)
  • Prepare and monitor your migration to Microsoft Office 365 (Exchange and SharePoint)
  • Migrate pilot users from on-premise to online
  • Monitor the impact on the Digital Employee Experience and network bandwidth

If you are using the version 6.20 of the product, you need to install the Digital Employee Experience pack before.



  • - 25 Feb 2020 - Update O365 ProPlus apps Category
  • - 04 Dec 2019 - Removed "Test Office 365 Readiness" Remote Action
  • - Added "Test Office 365 Readiness" Remote Action
  • - Initial release