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MS Teams: Health

Latest Version:


Categories - 3
Dashboards - 6
Metrics - 37


Windows 7
Windows 10


V6.14 and later


This pack measures gives an overall view of all systems across Production running Teams to help you get a quick status of the landscape.

  • Understand the Digital Experience of your employees as they are using Teams.
  • See your landscape deployment so any incorrect versions can be remediated.
  • Understand the stability and performance of Teams, see how that changes across versions so troublesome versions can be quickly identified.
  • Identify your top users of the workloads so that they can be approached for feedback.



  • - 17 Feb 2021 - v6.29 features added and introduction of Focus Time
  • - 14 Sep 2020 - dashboards re-worked, DEX added, macOS support.
  • - 04 Dec 2019 - Fix issue with Top 10 versions deployed Metric
  • - Initial release