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MS Teams: Advanced health

Latest Version:


Campaigns - 4
Categories - 1
Dashboards - 2
Metrics - 24

Required Products

Nexthink Act
Nexthink Engage


Windows 7
Windows 10


V6.14 and later


This pack utilizes the Nexthink Act module to examine errors, warnings and performance by using Remote Actions.

The Dashboards in this module can be used standalone, or the metrics that are defining them can be added to other Dashboards to enhance the data received.

The Dashboard refers to both the Early Adopter / Pilot users as well as Production.

Devices with connection or authentication issues

  • Retrieve any authentication and connectivity errors that the Teams users are experiencing in the past 24 hours, by reviewing the local client log files. This can be used to isolate and remedy Teams client performance issues.

Users making calls

  • This shows the number of calls being made by Teams users over the past 24 hour period. This can be used in conjunction with the Engagement dashboards to gauge the success of Teams across the Organization.

Collection Diagnostics

  • This shows the quality of example calls made from the devices using the Skype for Business Network Assessment Tool which provides a realistic sample of call testing data. Note that this tool returns identical data for Skype and Teams.
  • To collect the data, the Remote Action ‘Skype For Business Network Assessment Tool’ must be run against the target devices (note this tool is the same for Skype or Teams). The data it collects is represented here as a simple pass or fail.
  • The top area, Deployment and Execution Summary, shows how many devices have the testing tool installed, what percentage of machines that is compared to the number in the whole site and finally how many of those have passed or failed the quality tests on the last execution.
  • The actual values that are returned can be found, if desired, in the Finder as they are returned as part of the Remote Action.



  • - 30 Mar 2020 - Updated "Reinstall Microsoft Teams" Remote Action
  • - 07 Feb 2020 - Performance enhancements of "Get Teams Info" Remote Action
  • - 09 Aug 2019 - Initial release