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Microsoft Endpoint Manager – Configuration Manager Remote Actions

Latest Version:

Required Products

Nexthink Act


Windows 7
Windows 10


V6.14 and later


This Library pack is a collection of different Remote Action scripts which collect SCCM-related client services information and restore them if needed.Please use the links on the left menu to learn more about the function and range of action of each script.


  • - 21 Apr 2021 - Changed the pack name from 'SCCM Manager' to 'Microsoft Endpoint Manager - Configuration Manager Remote Actions'
  • - 21 Apr 2021 - Added "Invoke MEMCM Client Policy Actions" Remote Action
  • - 22 Dec 2020 - Fixed "Get SCCM Client Status" Remote Action. The 'DaysSinceLastScan' output will be set to zero when there is no Last Scan Date
  • - 21 Dec 2020 - Renamed "Start Task Sequence" Remote Action to "Start Application or Task Sequence"
  • - 04 Nov 2020 - Updated "Start Task Sequence" Remote Action
  • - 02 Oct 2020 - Updated "Restore SCCM Client" and "Get SCCM Client Status" Remote Actions
  • - 27 Jan 2020 - Updated compilation
  • - Enhanced "Invoke SCCM Client Auto-repair" Remote Action
  • - 12 Nov 2019 - Added "Start Task Sequence" Remote Action
  • - Added new output fields to Get SCCM Client Status
  • - Initial release
Thank you!