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Malware Protection

Latest Version:


Categories - 3
Dashboards - 2
Metrics - 18


Windows only


V6.20 and later


This pack requires some categories contained in the Shared Categories content pack, please make sure to have it installed in your environment before installing this pack.

This pack can help you to:

  • Improve your overall security posture by making sure that your endpoint protection tools are installed, working and up to date.
  • Identify known malware that succeeded in bypassing your network controls and other preventive systems and is not yet known to your existing antiviruses.
  • Identify binaries with a suspicious behavior so that they can be analyzed by your security experts.
  • Draw some conclusion on attack vectors and identify the most vulnerable systems in order to reduce your attack surface.

Find out more about Malware on Wikipedia.



  • - 01 Feb 2021 - Removed a reference to Nexthink Enhance from the "Binaries with suspicious web activity" metric.
  • - 05 Jan 2021 - References to Nexthink Enhance have been removed from some metrics. As a result, some dashboards have been altered or removed to reflect the changes to some metrics.
  • - 31 Mar 2020 - Remove digest configuration
  • - 13 Dec 2018 - Initial release