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Hardware and BIOS Information

Collect information concerning Graphics Processing Unit (GPU), disk drives, RAM installed on the device, and BIOS version and date.


Determine the age of the endpoints, managing more effectively the lifecycle of devices and enriching the hardware inventory.

Script Get Hardware And BIOS Information

  • Version – Major refactoring performed and disk type functionality added
  • Version – Initial release

Script Description

Returns detailed information concerning the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) and RAM installed on the device. Additionally, the script obtains the serial numbers and types of the installed disks, as well as the BIOS version and release date.

Execution context and suggested scheduling

Run the script as local system. The script should be executed manually.




ID Label Type Description
1 GPU Name StringList Name of the graphics card installed on the device
2 GPU Driver Vendor StringList Provider of the graphics card driver
3 GPU Driver Version StringList Version of the graphics card driver
4 Disk Serial Number and Type StringList For each installed disk drive, the number allocated by the manufacturer to identify the physical media and its type (HDD/SDD)
5 Total RAM Slots Int Total number of memory slots available on the device
6 Maximum RAM Size Maximum total amount of RAM that can be installed on the device
7 Used RAM Slots Int Number of memory slots currently used
8 Installed RAM Size Amount of RAM currently installed
9 RAM Bank Capacity StringList Capacity of each installed memory bank
10 RAM Bank Device Locator StringList For each installed memory bank, label of the socket or circuit board that holds the memory
11 RAM Bank Form Factor StringList For each installed memory bank, implementation form factor for the chip
12 RAM Bank Manufacturer StringList For each installed bank, name of the organization responsible for producing the physical element
13 RAM Bank Part Number StringList For each installed bank, part number assigned by the organization responsible for producing or manufacturing the physical element
14 RAM bank serial number StringList For each installed bank, manufacturer-allocated number to identify the physical element
15 RAM Bank Speed StringList For each installed memory bank, speed of the physical memory, in nanoseconds
16 RAM Bank Voltage StringList For each installed memory bank, configured voltage for this device, in millivolts
17 RAM Bank Total Width StringList For each installed memory bank, total width, in bits, of the physical memory, including check or error correction bits
18 BIOS Version String BIOS version installed on the device
19 BIOS Date String BIOS release date installed on the device

Further Information

Disk type funcionality is only available for Windows 10 systems. When not possible to retrieve such information, ‘Unknown’ will be displayed.


Remote Actions

Required Modules

Nexthink Act




V6.14 and later
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