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Hard resets

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Required Products

Nexthink Engage


Windows only


V6.27 and later


A hard reset event is triggered when a device is unexpectedly powered off without going through a proper shutdown process. A hard reset is usually the result of one or more of the following:

  • Power failure at the desk or a general power cut in the building or area
  • User error or lack of training/not following correct procedure when powering off devices
  • Indication of frustration on the part of the end user.

To know the cause and take proper action, it is important to enquire whether the employees are aware of the hard resets and get their feedback as to how the hard reset occurred.

This pack requires the Digital Experience Score content pack, please make sure to have it installed in your environment beforehand.



  • - 14 Jul 2020 - Update Metrics to use DEX v2
  • - 31 Mar 2020 - Initial release
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