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Disk Cleanup

Latest Version:

Required Products

Nexthink Act
Nexthink Engage


Recycle Bin and Temporal Files Cleanup: Windows 7 and 10
Remove Memory Dump Files: Windows 7 and 10
System Cleanup: Windows 10
Clear Recycle Bin: Windows 7 and 10


V6.14 and later


  • "Interactive User Cleanup" includes content removal of user temporary folder and recycle bin.
  • "System Cleanup" includes cleanup of WinSxS folder, SCCM cache based on provided file age, and unused user profiles based on provided profile last use time.
  • "Remove Dump Files" removes dump files and BSOD errors based on the file date creation.
  • "Clear Recycle Bin" empties the user recycle bin.
  • "Get File Extension Total Size" gets the list and total size of files matching specific file extensions
  • "Get Old Files Size" gets the total size of files that are considered old or recent, based on a given number of days in the past


  • - 28 Aug 2020 - Fixed "System Cleanup" Remote Action
  • - 06 May 2020 - Fixed "Disk Cleanup" and "System Cleanup" Remote Actions documentation
  • - 06 Mar 2020 - Fixed "Disk Cleanup" Remote Action documentation
  • - 06 Mar 2020 - Modified "Disk Cleanup" Remote Action
  • - 20 Feb 2020 - Fixed bug in "Disk Cleanup" Remote Action
  • - 27 Jan 2020 - Added "Get Old Files Size" Remote Action
  • - 19 Dec 2019 - Fixed documentation
  • - Added "Get File Extension Total Size" Remote Action
  • - Added "Clear Recycle Bin" Remote Action
  • - Initial release
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