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Nexthink CEO Pedro Bados appears on CNBC View Coverage

Device Compliance

Nexthink allows you to track trends in device compliance across your organization, empowers you to quickly spot areas of improvement and helps you to take action.



Categories - 3
Dashboards - 9
Metrics - 81
Scores - 1

Required Modules

Nexthink Enhance




V6.9 and later
  • - 24 Apr 2019 - Initial release


This pack requires some categories contained in the Shared Categories content pack, please make sure to have it installed in your environment before installing this pack.

This pack uses Scores which must be configured by Nexthink Professional Services or by a certified Nexthink partner.

Central to this pack is a compliance score, which is the average of 4 sub-scores:

  • Protection: Antivirus, antispyware, firewall
  • System: Operating system, privileges
  • Software: Browser, blacklisted binaries
  • Network: Proxy, blacklisted domains

Each of these four sub-scores have associated dashboards that allow you to:

  • Monitor trends that help you follow the evolution of the compliance scores and check if the overall compliance is improving or regressing.
  • See the number of devices by compliance score, providing you a precise view of the overall compliance.
  • Identify patterns in compliance by looking at detailed breakdowns of compliance scores by device location, model, OS or type.