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Client Change Management

Latest Version:


Categories - 2
Dashboards - 2
Metrics - 42


Windows only


V6.2 and later


This pack helps you check the effects of changes you apply to your clients and ensure that there are no undesirable consequences.

Device-level dashboard

In this dashboard, you can track important metrics for three distinct populations of devices:

  • Without change: devices on which the change has not been made yet.
  • Pilot: devices on which the change is being tested.
  • With change: devices on which the change has been made.

Application-level dashboard

This dashboard lets you compare important metrics between an old application and a new one. This is useful when deploying a new version of an application or when replacing an application by another one.


  • You have to define the three populations by configuring the Client Change Management category on devices.
  • You have to define the old and new application by configuring the Change Management category on binaries.



  • - 31 Mar 2020 - Remove digest configuration
  • - 13 Dec 2018 - Initial release