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Chatbot Content Pack

Latest Version:


This Library pack is a collection of different Remote Action scripts which are used by the Nexthink Chatbot SDK integration to empower chatbots with Nexthink intelligence.The Nexthink Chatbot SDK contains a catalog of use cases using these Remote Actions.This catalog of use cases enables the end-user to gain both real-time insights about their device issues and the capability to remediate them automatically.

This Pack is made out of multiple Packs, without their Metrics and some Scores.


  • - 20 Nov 2020 - Fixed "Repair OneDrive" Remote Action
  • - 03 Nov 2020 - Updated "Get Hardware And BIOS Information" Remote Action
  • - 02 Oct 2020 - Updated "Restore SCCM Client" Remote Action
  • - 03 Sep 2020 - Fixed "Disable Application from Startup menu" Remote Action
  • - 28 Aug 2020 - Updated "Get Outlook Plugin Crash Details" Remote Action
  • - 15 Jul 2020 - Edited description
  • - 06 May 2020 - Renamed "Test Computer Group Policy Applied" by "Request VPN Connection for Compliance" and updated features
  • - 02 Apr 2020 - Updated "Disk Cleanup" Remote Action
  • - 02 Mar 2020 - Updated "Repair OneDrive" Remote Action
  • - Fixed documentation
  • - Updated "Disable Application From Startup Menu" Remote Action
  • - Initial release
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