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Administrators Management

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Categories - 2
Dashboards - 4
Metrics - 15




V6.20 and later


One of the challenges for IT is to apply the principle of least privilege. Users should only benefit from privileges that are strictly necessary for the execution of the tenant code for its functionality. In other words, a task should only be able to carry out actions whose functional utility has been proven.This principle then assumes that each feature must have only the privileges and resources necessary for its execution, and nothing more. Thus, in the event of serious system failure, the damage cannot exceed what is authorized by the privileges and the resources used, the latter being themselves limited by the separation of privilege.By using this library pack you can bring the following benefits to your information system:

  • Identifying user having local admin permission and perform cleaning.
  • Identifying administrators performing unauthorized activities.
  • Improve system stability: privileges are limited, the possibilities that an application can slow down or cause a system crash are also limited.
  • Increase system security: exploiting a vulnerability in software to take control of the machine is made more difficult for an attacker.
  • Increase application management: The limitation of the privileges and resources necessary for software makes it easier to install.



  • - 18 Aug 2020 - Removed references to enhance
  • - 31 Jan 2020 - Initial release
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