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Make your [ITIL] processes and tools more proactive with Nexthink. We provide certified integrations with the most popular tools.

Use our toolkit module to integrate Nexthink with any tool or process.
Our certified partners can help you on this.

Nexthink Web API Web API / NXQL

You need a simple way to integrate Nexthink data into external systems.

Web API offers a standard interface for third-party apps, making it easy to query our database—and since we've used well-established Internet protocols, many tools natively support this API.


Use nxt:// to launch Nexthink Finder by embedding it in any URL, from hyperlinks to Web browser address bars or the Run dialog box of Windows.

Custom Actions

Custom actions let you launch the external operations of your choice right from Nexthink Finder.


Set conditions and notification preferences; when conditions are met Nexthink Engine automatically triggers alerts and sends them via email and/or the system log to the destinations of your choice.