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Nexthink and ServiceNow

Nexthink provides enterprise-wide, real-time end-user experience management covering all endpoints, all users, all applications and all network connections with visibility into your IT infrastructure and service delivery.

Nexthink capabilities have been integrated with ServiceNow to improve incident management, problem management and IT governance.

Nexthink is a certified ServiceNow partner. Please visit our ServiceNow store pages here.

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Why use Nexthink with ServiceNow?

With Nexthink, the ServiceNow console is populated with real-time end-user analytics that improve incident management, problem management and IT governance.

The real-time analytics enables ServiceNow workers to preempt major incidents, which helps reduce the reporting of incidents by as much as 35%, predict the probable cause of problems reducing time to resolution by 60%, and be more proactive by identifying the end-users that have been or will be affected by the problem.

Configuration Management

Real time information on the endpoints, users and services and their respective relationship automatically updated into the CMDB, saving service desk time

Change Management

More accurate impact analysis with relationship information between endpoints and servers and a systematic update after change

Incident Management

Up-to-date information on endpoints and servers allowing for quick resolution and impact analysis

Software Asset Management

Real software usage data allowing more accurate license management

New CMDB Integration

With this new version, Nexthink allows ServiceNow users to:

  • Automatically discover assets
  • Automatically discover software installed
  • Automatically discover services and their usage


Keep track of IT assets and configurations.


Effective Root Cause analysis.


Minimizes IT risk with better understanding of the impacts.

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