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LANDESK and Nexthink

Nexthink’s real-time end-user analytics complements IT Service Management (ITSM) methodologies and PC lifecycle management (PCLM).

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“The integration between LANDESK and Nexthink is ingenious. IT analytics provide real-time monitoring from the end-user perspective in addition to the historical context, that saves my team valuable time and resources with ticket avoidance and better targeting information for software delivery jobs.”

Boyle Liu, Manager of IT Services at Princeton HealthCare Systems

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LANDESK with Analytics

"With the integration of Nexthink into LANDESK our customers benefit from real-time analytics of IT usage in order to optimize their service management and systems management operations.”

Steve Workman, Vice President of Strategy, LANDESK

Integrating Nexthink IT analytics with LANDESK provides:

Full context: Service Desk analysts can now proactively respond to issues before end-users experience interruptions with the improved visibility provided by Nexthink.

Improved transparency: Nexthink gives health metrics that reveal signs of quality degradation to anticipate problems and unreported incidents.

Increased security: endpoint activity and end-user behavior security analytics help detect targeted attacks and insider threats, quantify risk and prove security policy compliance.