Integration Toolkit

Integration schema

The Nexthink integration toolkit consists of a set of methods, web service APIs and sample code to facilitate the integration of Nexthink with other IT systems and processes.

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Nexthink Web API

The Web API is the interface Nexthink offers to integrate its data into external systems. The Web API offers third-party applications a standard interface to query the Nexthink database. Because the Web API uses well-established Internet protocols for communicating with external applications, many tools support the integration natively.


Nexthink Finder Integration

The nxt:// protocol provides a means to launch Nexthink Finder and perform some specific actions on it by just stating a URL. You can embed nxt:// URLs as hyperlinks in HTML web pages, use them directly in the address bar of your web browser or launch them from the Run dialog box of Windows.

Custom Actions

Nexthink Finder Integration

Custom actions allow the user to launch external operations directly from Nexthink Finder. In that respect, custom actions are complimentary to the nxt:// protocol, which consist on automating Nexthink Finder from external applications.


Nexthink Alerts and Notifications

Nexthink alerts are notifications generated by Nexthink Engine when a particular condition has been met. Alerts can communicate with external tools through email and/or the system log. Alerts are automatically triggered in a timely fashion to select the set of objects which matches the condition expressed by the associated investigation, optionally sending the result through email and/or the system log.