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Transport and Logistics


  • Streamline IT operations and support
  • Better understand the business and your end-user’s requirements
  • Reduce operational and transformation costs
  • Improve IT security posture and implement IT governance
  • Mitigate risk for your cloud projects
  • Limit workstation downtime or critical service interruptions


Abdulnaseer Albalwi

Nexthink is an amazing solution and very user friendly. With Nexthink we can now see our IT infrastructure differently, from the end-user perspective, and we are able to align our IT operations and support with the business.

Abdulnaseer Albalwi, IT Operations Manager, flynas

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Challenges and needs

Transport and logistics are the circulatory system of our economy. Though many people take it for granted, every day the world relies on a complex network of transportation and logistics systems to move people, food and the products that sustain our modern civilization. This industry is a highly competitive environment where there is tremendous pressure to be flexible, yet control costs while managing peaks in demand. Common challenges include delivering passengers the service experience they are looking for, increase agility of sales and service systems, maximize availability of assets and infrastructure for revenue generation, improve operational efficiency, and assure safety and security while controlling costs and expectations.

Any malfunction of the infrastructure can have significant repercussions on security, turnover and profitability. Limiting workstation downtime or critical service interruptions, therefore, is paramount.

According to a survey* conducted by HP and eyefortransport, 64.9% of the respondents currently use IT analytics and 45.9% say they are considering investing IT analytics. The report concludes that CIOs are focusing on improving the efficiency of their transport-oriented businesses, primarily by strengthening business operations and company-wide cost controls.

Today’s end-user computing infrastructure represents a big data challenge for IT departments. The volume, velocity, variety and veracity of data and IT services going through workers’ computers is impossible to comprehend, that is, until now. Nexthink is the innovator of End-user IT Analytics for security, ITSM and workplace transformation. Nexthink maps all the IT services, how they are being consumed, and how the IT infrastructure is operating, from the only perspective that matters most, the end-users (workers). Nexthink provides essential visibility and insight into IT operations and security for IT Governance.

*2013-2014 Transport & Logistics CIO Report CIOs. Weigh In: Investment Plans, Solution Sourcing & CIO Career Trajectories

Ensure compliance to preserve or build your brand reputation

All transport and logistics businesses rely on critical business applications. For example, a port-of-entry relies on an application for managing stops and the “MD” application for dangerous materials. Faced with strict regulations, a high level of security is essential for a port-of-entry or any transportation that must control and manage logistics. Transportation and logistics businesses must protect their IT infrastructure against security threats but also educate end-users to IT risks that could result from their behavior.

A Gartner report* suggests that advanced targeted attacks are set to render prevention-centric security strategies obsolete, going on to predict that, by 2020, securing enterprise IT will require a shift to information and people-centric security strategies focused on an infrastructure’s end-points. Nexthink’s real-time end-user security analytics helps security professionals identify intrusions and breaches that would otherwise remain undiscovered.

At Nexthink, we have many stories from customers who identified disgruntled employees breaching confidentiality agreements. According to a report by KPMG, 8.6% of employees admit to having bypassed the security controls of their organization and 16.6% reporting to have observed this behavior around them in the last 12 months. Nexthink End-user IT Analytics gives our customers the tools they need to detect activity anomalies such as high traffic at a specific given time or large numbers of print jobs over a long period of time (daily jobs are normal but the sum of the month is high). Nexthink is also able to bring context into the analysis—things such as job role, office hours, time off, and physical presence (physical security integration).

*Prevention Is Futile in 2020: Protect Information Via Pervasive Monitoring and Collective Intelligence 05/30/2013

Paul Franquart

Nexthink is an essential tool for CSOs. As a security officer, I need to have a complete vision of all workstations in our environment. The IT analytics provided by Nexthink including all executables, software, connections, the network, etc. provide a comprehensive real-time view of our IT infrastructure.

Paul Franquart, Qualified Security Authority for Information Systems, Grand Port Maritime de Marseille

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Obtain an efficient and high standard of operations

With a large number of end-users in disparate locations having diverse profiles (administration, customs, etc.), it is critical for transport and logistics businesses to obtain an efficient IT infrastructure enforced by a high standard of operations. In addition to traditional business critical applications such as ERP, CMMS, mailing, etc., transportation and logistics businesses have to ensure the perfect functioning of their industry specific applications (logistic, capacity management, sales, operations planning, optimization of clearance management, etc.).

The increasing diversity of systems, applications, and data generated, adds more complexity to the IT infrastructure every day. Faced with environments that are becoming increasingly complex, transportation and logistic IT teams need to have a clear vision of what is happening, has happened, or could happen in the future.

Nexthink provides this visibility enabling you to:

  • See end-user endpoint activity, mapping the IT services, and how they are operating and performing.
  • Streamline operations by getting all of the IT disciplines on the same page with real-time insight.
  • Improve support with IT analytics that detect issues and the probable cause before end-users call the service desk.
  • Proactive incident management via one-click investigation that finds similar issues before other end-users report them.
  • Improve capacity management through actionable dashboards, historical trend analysis and discovery of new IT services.
  • Improve end-user satisfaction and business productivity by understanding the gap between end-user activity and the services that IT is providing.
Vinay Sharma

Real-time analytics of the Nexthink solution have brought significant benefits to Gulftainer and facilitated the establishment of a proactive IT support system, that we did not have before. We are able to implement compliance standards and IT governance, with real-time visibility of our IT infrastructure and endpoints.

Vinay Sharma, Group IT Manager, Gulftainer

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Create visibility and mitigate risk for your cloud projects

According to a survey* conducted by HP and eyefortransport, CIOs of the transport and logistic industry are very interested in using the cloud. Nevertheless, 65% of the surveyed companies are not using cloud because of security risks and 50% of them because of perceived lack of control.

There is tremendous movement to the Cloud by organizations of all sizes. The benefits are many but exposing internal data hosted in a cloud environment presents IT professionals with significant problems and risks. The threat landscape of the future may feel as if it is constantly widening, but it can be planned for with integrated management and proper technology choices.

Nexthink End-user IT Analytics is a revolutionary real-time solution that analyzes all application executions and network connections giving IT the end-user perspective and assuring visibility with BYOD, mobility, and cloud initiatives. Nexthink will help you discover what cloud services your end-users are accessing. You will be able to see how services are connected, what dependencies exist, what devices are connecting, and what the QoS levels are.

*2013-2014 Transport & Logistics CIO Report CIOs. Weigh In: Investment Plans, Solution Sourcing & CIO Career Trajectories

Paul Franquart

Nexthink allows the Port to strengthen our security and oversee the quality of service delivered from a unique point of view: that of the end-user.

Paul Franquart, Qualified Security Authority for Information Systems, Grand Port Maritime de Marseille

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