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Retail and Services


  • Better understand the business and your end-user’s requirements
  • Reduce operational and transformation cost
  • Stabilize and secure your POS (point of sales)
  • Produce reliable capacity planing
  • Detect usage pikes (e.g: network load)
  • Comply with security standards (PCI DSS 2.0 & 3.0)
  • Control and monitor your remaining Windows XP machines
  • Better manage BYOD and retain key employees
  • Preserve your reputation by avoiding down time and security breaches


Guillaume Muselet

Our team immediately identified the value that Nexthink could have within the Group. The solution is not only used daily by teams dealing with workstations, but also by those respon- sible for the security and support.

Guillaume Muselet, Head of Service and User Support, 3SI Group

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Challenges and needs

It is obvious to say that retail and services businesses have their customer satisfaction at heart. In order to expand their portfolio of services or products while maintaining a high level of loyalty in a dynamic market, they need an adaptive and flexible IT infrastructure. Therefore, most of the retail and services businesses rely heavily on IT to strengthen their businesses and to constantly innovate.

With lots of locations and complex IT environments, it is key to have complete visibility of the IT infrastructure. ONET, a Nexthink customer, has 370 sites in France and Europe. With critical applications that include the infrastructure for billing, contract management and human resources (staff, payroll and career management), ONET needed a tool to regain and keep full control. “Nexthink gives us complete visibility of our IT infrastructure in real-time, this is the great strength of the solution.” said Nicole Tiercelin, Head of Support, ONET.

Retail and services businesses run on very narrow margins, and as a result the total cost of ownership (TCO) of a product is a very important consideration when it comes to IT. Jean-Pierre Garbani from Forrester stated in a success story he wrote about the implementation of Nexthink at Securitas: “Securitas selected Nexthink and this proved to be the right choice for the security organization because the Nexthink application fits within the TCO constraints and is both scalable and versatile in functionalities. It’s a simple tool to use and deploy, yet it provides complete visibility into end user activities as well as the workstation and its software and hardware inventory.”

Ensure compliance to preserve or build your brand reputation

Ensuring maximum protection for customer data is critical for every retailer or service business. Maintaining 100% PCI DSS 3.0 compliance is very challenging. Security breaches where sensitive customer data is exposed can impact the company’s image and potentially lead to judicial actions. A recent Gartner report* suggests that advanced targeted attacks are set to render prevention-centric security strategies obsolete, going on to predict that, by 2020, securing enterprise IT will require a shift to information and people-centric security strategies focused on an infrastructure’s end-points. Nexthink’s real-time end-user security analytics helps security professionals identify intrusions and breaches that would otherwise remain undiscovered.

Nexthink provides:

  • Security compliance analytics to quickly discover where your business is most vulnerable.
  • Real-time notification of breaches and the context of how it entered your enterprise to protect your business against the spread of future attack.
  • Visibility and insight into abnormal behavior that could represent potential threats and risks so you can improve your security posture

*Prevention Is Futile in 2020: Protect Information Via Pervasive Monitoring and Collective Intelligence 05/30/2013

Be more efficient and become proactive

Workstation performance issues or slow response times can impact the quality of service provided to your customers. Any malfunction of the infrastructure can have significant repercussions on your turnover and profitability. Furthermore, with the goal of continuous optimization, retail and services businesses’ IT teams must identify and understand the existing IT infrastructure and endpoints, the usage of applications and services, and the performance of its workstations. With Nexthink you can understand the quality of IT service delivered to your business end-users, be notified of issues before end-users start calling the help desk, and diagnose and pro-actively fix issues before more end-users are impacted.

Nexthink collects in real-time millions of events and their respective dependencies to IT services from all users, all their applications, all their devices and all network connections patterns (servers accessed, ports, response time, duration, failure, timeouts, etc.). Nexthink provides real-time data, which is easy to understand by users, so they can quickly detect and isolate issues across the infrastructure (devices, workload, resources, applications, network, servers) from the end-user perspective. This has been deemed the most time consuming task in the overall incident management process (according to Forrester, 2012)

Guillaume Muselet

With the real-time view on what is happening in our IT infrastructure provided by Nexthink, we are now able to justify our actions and solve problems before other users are impacted.

Guillaume Muselet, Head of Service and User Support, 3SI Group

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Projects on time and on budget

Delivering the best customer experience is key to capturing and retaining retail business. Using the latest and most efficient technology is an essential part of retaining key employees and growing business for services business. Leading analysts report that over 90% of IT transformation projects are delayed and/or don’t deliver the expected benefits they anticipated. Nexthink’s end-user perspective gives project planners and implementers the information they need to avoid costly assumptions and mistakes, allowing them to identify and resolve issues early, and keeping their IT projects on track.

Nexthink can help identify which applications and users are ready to migrate to your new IT environments ensuring you can manage change with minimum impact to your business. Nexthink customers tell us End-user IT Analytics cut their migration project in half by eliminating costly assumptions and mistakes during the planning process.

Sébastien Piller

Using Nexthink, in less than a year we have successfully implemented 12 major IT transformation projects on-time. We can now elevate IT from a cost center to a business enabler, and ultimately make IT a business differentiator.

Sébastien Piller, Head of IT Infrastructure, Protectas

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