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  • Provide operational intelligence for core banking applications and trading systems
  • Ensure compliance of security policy and standards (ISO 27001, PCI, etc.)
  • Detect malware that has bypassed traditional antivirus
  • Improve the quality of service while being cost effective
  • Detect abnormal activity compared to similar role in the same department
  • Detect abnormal route, unusual traffic to external perimeter or to critical servers
  • Find probable cause of issues faster and before the impact spreads


Daniel Vulliemin

Nexthink is a very inexpensive product compared to the benefits it provides: knowledge of the infrastructure, very quick investigations to understand the source of an incident, protection against malware, the availability of relevant information relating to the real use of applications, and so much more. With the increased level of service we are now able to provide our users, and the ease of creating audit reports with merely two clicks of the mouse, we can readily justify our acquisition of Nexthink.

Daniel Vulliemin, CIO, Banque Cantonale Neuchâteloise

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Challenges and needs

In a highly competitive market, financial institutions face many challenges, such as customer acquisition and retention, and staff productivity. In addition, they must empower executive management to make decisions based on timely and accurate information, from disparate systems and sources.

To provide the best customer service, financial institutions need to ensure their end-users can access applications effectively for business continuity and to deliver new and innovative solutions. On average, end-users are working with dozens of applications, ranging from email to mission-critical banking applications. With every single corporate network exhibiting evidence of compromise examined by threat intelligence experts – 66% of breaches remain undiscovered for months – it’s not a question of if a financial institution’s system is going to be compromised – it’s when.

Nexthink provides essential visibility and insight for IT governance, risk management, and compliance, along with the ability to measure the effectiveness of IT operations, support, and security, all from the perspective of the end-user.

Preserve your reputation

Nexthink’s solution for security helps financial institutions close the security gap through which targeted attacks and malware are infiltrating and spreading throughout your IT infrastructure. Nexthink complements Security Information and Event Monitoring (SIEM) solutions to provide full end-to-end coverage of IT security and compliance.

Nexthink increases your protection by making you more proactive and focused where security is often not properly enforced: the end-user. Become preemptive and identify anomalies and other suspicious activities much sooner to avoid critical breaches. Finally, become predictive with a clear visibility into the context of your situation and elaborate the most appropriate way to mitigate risks.

“Thanks to Nexthink, we have obtained an accurate and continuous measurement of desktop compliance with security, configuration and usage standards, which helps us identify potential risks,” said Ghadah Hamad Al-Ajlan, Nexthink Project Manager at Riyad Bank. Indeed, contextual-based security analytics can look across all the end-users and endpoints in the enterprise to differentiate between what’s “normal” and “abnormal,” reporting these observations to the security teams who can then evaluate the risk of these potential threats.

Proactive support to grow the business

Financial institutions operate sophisticated IT environments to support high-volume activities, such as trade payment, claims processing and multi-channel banking. This creates a need for a more proactive IT operations solution; one that can decrease troubleshooting time, track potential problems before they happen, and manage the infrastructure more effectively.

Real-time and historical end-user IT analytics allows the IT department to instantly identify issues and proactively prevent incidents. Nexthink uniquely collects millions of events in real-time, detailing their respective dependencies and relationship to IT services. These events are collected from all users; all of their applications, their devices, and network connection patterns (servers accessed, ports, response time, duration, failure, timeouts, etc.).

Nexthink provides real-time data that is easily understood by users, allowing them to quickly detect and isolate issues across the infrastructure (devices, workload, resources, applications, network, servers) from the end-user perspective. This has been deemed the most time consuming task in the overall incident management process (according to Forrester, 2012).

For projects that can’t afford to fail

IT leaders for financial institutions must help drive growth agendas and provide cost-effective IT services through continued shifts in consumer behavior and emerging technologies. The technology capabilities to fill this need exist but financial institutions often have a need to implement them more rapidly. “We need to anticipate where technology is going in todays rapidly changing environment, and quickly adopt the solutions that best fit our industry and consumers,” said Julie Elberfeld, Commercial CIO for Capital One.

Nexthink helps you understand this new complexity and prepare for tomorrow’s workplace. Identify which applications and users are ready to migrate to your new IT environments and manage change with minimum impact to your business, and avoid costly assumptions and mistakes in the planning and preparation of your project. Nexthink’s end-user perspective helps you understand exactly what is being used and what is required going forward to make your Windows migration project a success; our customers have reported to us that Nexthink cut their migration project in half by eliminating costly assumptions and mistakes during the planning process.