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  • Support Windows, Mac, virtual desktops and applications
  • Obtain full visibility and analytics on students vs staff IT usage
  • Identify non-compliant student behavior
  • Identify and diagnose network abuse and spikes
  • Assess, plan and monitor MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) projects
  • Measure service quality metrics for students and staff
  • Resolve IT issues 60% faster and reduce help desk calls by up to 25%
  • Develop capacity planning and decision support (e.g VDI migration)


Dr. Fahad Al Zahrani

We pride ourselves in providing and maintaining state of the art IT to enrich the teaching and learning environment of UQU. Nexthink helps ensure that no matter where our users are based, they benefit from the same quality of service and productivity as the head university.

Dr. Fahad Al Zahrani, Dean of IT, Umm Al-Qura University

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Challenges and needs

Educational institutions face major challenges and transformational needs as technology assumes a more important role in the delivery of education. It won’t be long before computers will be used as much, if not more, than textbooks in the classroom. The growing use of videos and registration to online courses across universities increase the need for better network availability and consistent quality of services. Good capacity planning and control of applications that may overload the network and ultimately affect the online offering are key.

To improve the delivery of educational services and better meet their users’ needs, Educational institutions must gain more visibility into how its endpoints are performing, and especially how end-users are connecting to and accessing critical services. In addition to optimizing IT operations and support, there is also a need for a solution that can help enforce security policies and ensure compliance. Nexthink provides essential visibility and insight for IT governance, risk management and compliance, including the ability to measure the effectiveness of IT operations, support, and security from the perspective of the end-user.

Stay flexible while secure

Keeping an educational institution’s IT environment running optimally also includes keeping it safe from security threats. Thanks to its end-user IT analytics solution, Nexthink can help to greatly mitigate the risks and challenges that universities are facing. With so many users logging into the university or school network, there are many possible sources of infection.

Since Nexthink maps all the application and binary executions – including the destinations (both internal and external) – in real-time, it can detect non-compliant and unusual activity that represents possible security threats and risks. Nexthink delivers these analytics with different view-points, such as per departments, location, and role, which makes it easier for IT to pinpoint anomalies (e.g.: a student connecting to a restricted server).

Reliable educational services and proactive management

Educational institutions are often synonymous with the sharing of knowledge. This means that the IT infrastructure must be able to provide an open, stable and safe environment to do so. Nexthink helps maintain a stable environment by automatically and continuously determining the scope of impact of an issue – i.e. how many end-users are affected by an outage or problem – all in real-time. “Nexthink is invaluable to our IT operations and support,” said Dr. Fahad Al Zahrani, Dean of IT at Umm Al-Qura University.

With Nexthink, UQU is alerted to widespread outages and issues before end-users even have to call the help desk. Instead of having IT teams troubleshoot incidents in a reactive way, manually checking workstations in distributed and remote locations, they can now be proactive. Finally, since Educational IT infrastructure has to be so open and flexible, abuses and non-compliant usage may happen and overload the network. Nexthink can detect and pinpoint who, what, and where this abnormal consumption is coming from by detecting network spikes.

For projects that can’t afford to fail

Getting the most value out of technology investments is not only nice to have, but is imperative for university IT departments today. Having to deliver more reliable, high performing IT services while spending less is a difficult challenge. Leading analysts report that over 90% of IT transformation projects get delayed and/or don’t deliver the expected benefits. Having full visibility into the end-user is critical to perform a successful transformation project. Students and staff often use many different applications, and it can be incredibly difficult to manage their PCs and deal with the performance issues they bring.

As a result, upgrading user experience is often a priority for educational institutions, and many of them may choose to migrate to a virtual environment. Nexthink helps you choose your best VDI approach through end-user and infrastructure readiness assessment. Nexthink’s end-user perspective gives project planners and implementers the information they need to avoid costly assumptions and mistakes, as well as the ability to identify and resolve issues early to keep their IT projects on track.