Device Compliance Assurance


Device Compliance Assurance

Latest Version:
Released on March 27, 2023

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Our reliance on SaaS applications, continuously updated OS, and stricter security policies have made the modern device a compliance nightmare, requiring constant updates to ensure performance, security, and compatibility.Non-compliant devices will silently fall out of date, leaving users frustrated while support teams receive tickets that could have easily been avoided. Ultimately, even security needs to get involved when devices that have gone unnoticed for too long start creating security risks.


Monitor the overall compliance of devices in your landscape with respect to admin rights, versioning, and security. Quickly drill down and remedy non-compliance to avoid unnecessary frustration, support tickets, or questions from your security team.This all-in-one dashboard offers the helicopter view needed to see and assess compliance across key compliance areas, such as:

  • configuration management agents presence,
  • unauthorized administer rights for local users,
  • OS versioning across macOS and Windows,
  • Anti-virus and firewall,
  • Encryption status.

Key Features:

  • Single dashboard for complete visibility over key elements of compliance in the IT landscape.
  • Filters to drill down from specific locations or device types, down to a single device.
  • Monitoring of elements across both Windows and macOS devices.
  • A wide range of remediation remote actions to enable, set, or disable specific features in order to enforce compliance when necessary.



  • - 27 Mar 2023 - Initial release




V2023.3 and later