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Digital Experience Score

Measure It. Manage It.

Nexthink’s Digital Experience Score provides a new way to measure and improve digital workplace experience. What makes the Score unique is the combination of technical metrics and user sentiment for a more complete and holistic view. Combined with the Nexthink solutions, you have the tools and know-how to concretely and continuously improve digital experience.

Measure the state of your workplace Know the pulse, at any given time

  • Understand hard metrics, such as device logon duration, web browser crashes, critical business application freezes, Microsoft OneDrive connectivity and Antivirus signatures status.
  • Obtain user sentiment, including the Workplace Promoter Score to understand whether employees are satisfied and engaged.

Assess your Digital Experience Maturity Develop a roadmap for improvement

  • Gain a baseline understanding of your Digital Experience Maturity level
  • Build a roadmap for improving employee productivity and financial performance

Set the foundation for XLAs Focus on service with new metrics

  • Complement SLAs with Experience Level Agreements (XLAs)
  • Leverage scores to establish continuous service and improvement models

Benchmark across industries Understand your score with peer comparisons

  • Compare data from across various industries
  • Gain immediate insights into improvement opportunities

Want to know more?

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