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Desktop Virtualization: Delivering a Powerful Employee Experience, From Strategy to Production

On-Demand Webinar in englischer Sprache.

On-Demand Webinar in englischer Sprache.

Explore how Nexthink’s Desktop Virtualization initiative can empower IT teams with the control, visibility and actionable insight needed to successfully manage their virtualization lifecycle.

In this quick 25-minute webinar, explore how Nexthink can help organizations at any stage of their virtualization management cycle, such as those:

  • considering virtualization by scanning their environment and ensuring device, user and application suitability;
  • migrating to a virtualized landscape by piloting test environments and monitoring progress; and
  • 0perating a virtualized landscape by ensuring landscape health with actionable infrastructure visibility.

Follow Mike Betts, Workplace Architect at nexthink, as he goes through the opportunities and challenges of desktop virtualization, the Nexthink solution and three overview product demos.

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