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MS Teams: Adoption

Latest Version:


Campaigns - 4
Categories - 4
Dashboards - 8
Investigations - 2
Metrics - 75

Required Products

Nexthink Engage


Windows 7
Windows 10


V6.14 and later


This pack helps measure your employee satisfaction, adoption and collaboration when using Microsoft Teams. It enables you to Track what your employees like and dislike, ask them how many times per week and how much time they spend on collaboration tools, and if in the end they preferred the old way compared to the new.

User satisfaction score

  • Survey your employees before the deployment to define a baseline satisfaction of the current collaboration tools. Run the same survey after Teams is installed to assess an improvement or a deterioration of the overall satisfaction.

Focus Time

  • Introduction of Focus Time that actively monitors an applications active window and records the time it is being used for

User collaboration score

  • Assess your employees' collaboration score. As for the satisfaction score, they should feel that collaboration is easier once Microsoft Teams is in place compared to their old collaboration tools.

Users preference

  • Read what percentage of your employees prefer Teams compared to the old collaboration tool. Investigate on the users not preferring Teams.

Call quality satisfaction - last 30 days

  • Continuously monitor the satisfaction of your employees on their last audio or video call made with Microsoft Teams.



  • - 18 Feb 2021 - Enabled the modern UI on engage campaigns
  • - 17 Feb 2021 - v6.29 features added and introduction of Focus Time
  • - 16 Apr 2019 - Initial release