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Java Management

Investigate Java Runtime usage in the environment.


Investigations - 4
Remote actions - 3

Required Modules

Nexthink Act




V6.14 and later
  • - 28 Mar 2019 - Initial release


This pack helps Nexthink users to cope with Oracle’s new strategy regarding Java release and support model, providing visibility on the presence and usage of Java across the IT ecosystem. Companies must remain compliant and guarantee the stability, security and performance of the applications that leverage Java. To take the right and optimal choices they need the capability to answer questions like: What versions of Java are being used? By how many users? What applications need it?

Note that some of this pack’s components leverage the Java Usage Tracker, a tool provided by Oracle that requires a commercial license. The tool is available in Oracle Java SE Subscriptions, Java for Business 6u25 and later, Oracle Java SE Advanced, and Oracle Java SE Suite.

More info about the new Java release and support model can be found on the Nexthink Blog.

Thank you!