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Hardware asset renewal

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Categories - 2
Dashboards - 1
Metrics - 17
Scores - 2


Windows 10
Windows 7


V6.27 and later


The Hardware Asset Renewal pack helps you manage the lifecycle of your devices. It based on scores that measure the actual usage of hardware resources in your devices. The overall dashboard gives you an idea of the devices that you need to replace, rebuild, or keep:

  • Replace: the device got a poor score and it needs to be substituted for a new one.
  • Rebuild: the device got an intermediate score, meaning that it requires a general upgrade (motherboard / CPU) to improve key metrics. It may require an additional disk or memory upgrade.
  • Keep: the device got a high score and can be kept as it is, without excluding the possibility of a disk or memory upgrade.
  • Devices to be rebuilt or kept may require an additional disk upgrade, memory upgrade, or both. Based on disk index and memory usage, the hardware refresh dashboard highlights the devices that require disk or memory upgrades.

For completeness, an associated score estimates the costs of refreshing your hardware. The costs depend on the number of devices that require modification and on the type of the modification.For this pack to function as desired, the DEX score V2 must be installed.



  • - 31 Aug 2020 - Filtered out virtual devices and servers
  • - 19 Aug 2020 - Initial release
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