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How Wipro Drove Down Costs with Proactive IT

How Wipro Drove Down Costs with Proactive IT
October 29, 2021

IT teams are always under pressure to save money where they can, but doing so isn’t easy. Learn how one company was able to make practical IT wins that ultimately saved significant productivity loss and protected their bottom line. 

Using the Nexthink Digital Employee Experience Platform and scoring technology Wipro have been able to take a proactive approach to problem management with their clients in 2021 – identifying and resolving, in a ‘zero touch’ automated manner, many otherwise unreported or un-detected issues. This has resulted in significant double-digit percentage reductions.

Popular use cases include, targeted Outlook remediations, proactive disk cleanup campaigns, and ensuring devices are consistently rebooted after a fixed number of days.

Here are some examples of how Wipro resolved client challenges:

In one instance, Wipro was able to proactively identify and remediate the majority of users devices where Microsoft Outlook was not the default messaging client. This had resulted in considerable end user frustration and calculated downtime of approximately 15 minutes per user as they struggled with different mail apps. It also required individual intervention of the service desk to resolve at a time cost of 5 minutes per device. Overall they were able to save over 10 hours of lost productivity for more than 200 users.

default email client

A challenge facing many organizations is local hard drives filling up, creating several problems ranging from the inability to perform updates through to the overall performance of the device. Performing preventative maintenance, by monitoring this and proactively soliciting support from users to automatically remove unwanted files, such as recycle bin contents or temporary files, dramatically reduces the occurrence of future incidents. The next example illustrates how Wipro was able to dramatically reduce (by 20%) the number of devices deemed to be at risk, meaning they had less than 5 Gb of available disk space.

wipro disk space

Many of the issues associated with device compliance, such as out of date anti-virus software or patch updates, and performance issues related to memory resources such as user impacting application crashes and freezes are related to rebooting devices. Typically devices that have not rebooted for a period of time are much more at risk of exhibiting these issues. Proactively tracking this data and instigating user authorized reboots dramatically reduced this risk and prevented future incidents occurring. Using Nexthink, Wipro were able to reduce the instance of these at-risk devices by 52%.

devices rebooted

By honing in on frustrating device issues, Wipro was able to return precious time back to its clients. If your IT team is looking for innovative ways to enhance the business, we suggest you use the examples above as inspiration to investigate your digital environment.

Mark Boggia is the Director of Learning & Development at Nexthink. He has been in the software industry for more than 25 years, working for vendors and partners in End User Computing, Security, and IT Service Management.