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Through the Crisis: Nexthink Customer Stories (Bournemouth University)

Through the Crisis: Nexthink Customer Stories (Bournemouth University)
August 4, 2020

Across almost all industries, IT’s focus has shifted from WFH (Work From Home) to WFA (Work From Anywhere).

Some businesses and organizations might be further along in facilitating flexible work, but it seems like everybody is instinctively starting to rethink both their short and long term management strategies. The education sector, for example, is one industry that is currently taking a hard look at their model by exploring ways to leverage technology solutions that can keep young students engaged and learning.

“There’s no denying that, in the medium term at least, university education is set to become a much more flexible, blended experience for students and educators alike,” explains Matt Hall, Assistant Director of IT at Bournemouth University in the United Kingdom.

Here, in the final contribution to our “Through the Crisis” video series, Hall explains how Nexthink supported his team’s adaptation from servicing a campus-based community, to a dispersed one, and what the implications are for the university’s future.

“IT already underpinned most modern organizations of course, and universities were no different,” he added. “It’s a bit like electricity – few notice when it’s working, but when it goes wrong it’s very impactful. That’s even more true when your users are working, or learning, remotely, or flexibly. For students to continue to have great educational and communal experiences in the years to come, proactive IT is going to be crucial.”

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