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Three Letters That Can Take Your Investment in ServiceNow to WOW

Three Letters That Can Take Your Investment in ServiceNow to WOW
July 23, 2019

Organizations around the world are starting to grasp the often harsh reality that their employees’ digital experiences have a direct impact on their bottom line. Indeed, with employees increasingly dealing with ever-changing digital devices, tools and processes, they are also inevitably exposed to new IT problems and frustrations. This current scenario is translating into IT departments faced with escalating ticket counts, never-ending L1 support “firefighting” and inefficient resource management. The result? Employee routine dissatisfaction, workforce productivity drop, support overhead increase and, ultimately, decreased revenue.

Given this, it’s no surprise Digital Employee Experience (DEX) and employee-centric IT strategies generally are starting to gain more traction in contemporary firms.

Putting the employee first with DEX

A significant focus of the updated ITIL v4 is on the continuous improvement cycle that needs to exist between the IT team and employees. With the aim to close this gap and promote business value, Nexthink helps develop and sustain the cycle using Digital Employee Experience (DEX) intelligence. Through user-centric XLAs and its Digital Experience Score, Nexthink offers over 800 unique sentiment and technical metrics rolled-up into a single score factored in with employees’ experience data.

To sustain ongoing improvement, user feedback is critical to ensure IT’s service delivery meets users’ expectations. Using Nexthink Engage, IT professionals can gather sentiment data in a targeted, simplified and contextual manner, enabling them to make informed decisions based on employee’s actual experiences. In addition, diagnostic information, remote actions and simplified remediation processes are readily available to not only reactively reduce IT incidents, but also proactively prevent them from happening – also called the shift-left approach.

From visibility to opportunity

The direct correlation between an employee’s digital satisfaction and business impact is proven. Surveys report that the average worker loses more than 9 days a year due to technology trouble, workers often trying to solve problems themselves before contacting IT. This means that IT has a huge potential to improve employees’ routine digital experiences.

We all know that we are not short of tools and processes which aim to align IT with the business, but one factor is often lacking – critical data giving visibility over employees’ actual experiences. And this is where Nexthink offers unparalleled value to enterprises and can bolster ServiceNow investments. By capturing data about employees’ digital experiences, Nexthink provides complete visibility through the combination of technical and sentiment data. This actionable visibility is then directly accessible from the ServiceNow platform enhancing IT services and operations and giving IT a complete picture for better actionability and faster resolution.

Integration made easy

The real value of data comes from its actionability. By integrating Nexthink DEX intelligence into the ServiceNow platform, it’s now easier than ever for IT teams to take immediate and preventive action across the organization. One key benefit is the ability to reduce Mean Time To Resolution (MTTR) through simple and automatic resolutions and increase Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) through proactive IT management. The comprehensive IT visibility also allows IT to see the true service and application usage, providing a much more informed impact analysis within your change management processes.

These integration capabilities can be found and downloaded, free of charge, from the ServiceNow store. These are certified integrations and offer the business value as outlined in this piece.

To watch the full Nexthink-ServiceNow integration webinar, click here.

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