Visualize the IT Operations Landscape Through a Scientific Lens –
The Periodic Table of ITOps Tools

Free Resource Categorizes Critical IT Operations Solutions in Easy-to-Use Reference Tool, Helping IT Professionals to Choose What’s Best for Their Organizations


The plethora of tools and software categories that I&O professionals need to surmount on daily basis is cumbersome and exhaustive. That’s why we decided to put together an interactive gizmo to help IT professionals find, explore and choose IT tools for use in their organizations. Nexthink’s “Periodic Table of ITOps Tools” is a free resource that takes the most important IT operations tools in use today and categorizes them in an easy-to-use visual reference tool, designed to work just like the periodic table of elements we all grew up with learning about in science class!

Nexthink’s interactive Periodic Table of IT Ops Tools is available here.

As anyone working in the IT industry knows, the number of tools, solutions and technologies that IT professionals need to be familiar with can be overwhelming, to say the least. Understanding what your options are and trying to make the most informed decision for your organization can be daunting. We created this periodic table to give IT professionals a comprehensive view into the ITOps tools landscape, in the hope that it will help them improve how they select tools for their IT Operations stack.

With former chemists on the development team, Nexthink worked to fit the most critical and best-known IT tools into the construct of a periodic table. The table categorizes tools into nineteen different categories, including “Help/Service Desk,” “Knowledge Management,” “Network Monitoring,” “Digital Experience Management,” “IT Operations Analytics” and “IT Service Management,” to name a few.

Interactive features of the Periodic Table include:

  • Browse – hovering over individual tools or primary categories causes them to light up according to color; the highlighted tools or categories come forward, while others are muted.
  • Search – a text-based searching tool is built into the Periodic Table, allowing users to search by tooling category, title, or description.
  • Learn – clicking on a primary category brings up a separate page defining it and explaining and listing the tools in that section, as well as others not on the periodic table that also fall into that category.
  • Discover – by clicking on a tool, users can learn more about that product, including name, description, links to the product’s site and reviews, as well as links to related tools. Clicking on the primary category once you are on a tool description, will pop up all other categories that this vendor/tool can belong to.
  • Personalize – the Table can be modified to show IT ops tools by functionality, brand colors, logos, or just a fun colorful view.
  • Share – users are encouraged to embed, download and share the Table as they see fit. This has been created as a resource for current and future IT professionals – so sharing, embedding and copying the table has been made easy.

For the Periodic Table to truly be interactive and continue to meet the needs of today’s IT professionals, it needs to keep growing. The Table has a built-in comments section – and Nexthink wants to encourage IT professionals from around the world to tell them what’s missing – and what else would be helpful to know about these solutions as they review options and make decisions.

Based on user feedback and tool submissions, we will plan to release a version two of the Table in the next 3-6 months.