We recently had the opportunity to work with Forrester to learn how end users and IT professionals perceive IT performance, and the results were rather surprising.

The report revealed a major perception gap with less than 20 percent of business users believing that IT is aligned with their business needs.  The majority also didn’t believe that IT delivers projects on time or reduces frequency of issues. Many of them didn’t think that their satisfaction was a priority for the IT department.

So is the IT department getting the memo?  Apparently not. It appears they have been operating with a false sense of confidence.  Seventy-nine percent of IT professionals say that IT business alignment is a priority and a majority of them believe that they prioritize what end-users want or need.

There’s clearly a divide – end users are getting frustrated with the level of support and service they are receiving from the IT department, and the IT department has no clue.

Yet we can’t blame it all on IT.  End users admit that they are not reporting problems to the IT department for a variety of reasons: they think they can fix it on their own, they don’t want to interrupt their workflow, or they don’t want to give up control of their computer.

Lost Productivity Equals Lost Profit

Yet this is an issue that should alarm businesses everywhere.  As the gap widens, so too does productivity, and that is costing enterprises millions of dollars, along with frustrated users and IT staff.

The key is for IT to think less about their standing KPIs and think more about what end users value. To effectively understand end-user needs requires that IT establish a better line of communication—seeking and receiving immediate feedback in the context of the activities end users perform, in order to better understand how to provide proactive solutions.

Bridging the Gap

What works is when there is proactive engagement with IT, and when they follow through on their obligations.  And most often than not, users reciprocate by reporting issues and aligning priorities.

Nexthink Webinar – Mind the Gap

To hear more about the gap between IT and end-user perceptions and how companies are filling in the gap, please join our webinar Wed., May 17, 2017 at 10:00 a.m. EST.  Register and you’ll also receive a complimentary copy of the full Forrester report.