The number of tools for IT Ops professionals to choose from is overwhelming. For this reason, we created the periodic table of IT Ops tools to better define, organize, and explain the IT Ops tooling landscape. It is our hope that it will help IT professionals find, explore, and choose tools for their future IT Ops stack.

In a portion of this table we dive into Release Management tools specifically. Below you will find a list of the top release management tools per the interactions we measure on the table.

What is Release Management?

Release management is a software engineering process intended to oversee the development, testing, deployment and support of software releases. The practice of release management combines the general business emphasis of traditional project management with a detailed technical knowledge of the systems development lifecycle (SDLC) and IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) practices.

The best Release Management tools:


Automic helps enterprises drive competitive advantage by automating their IT and business systems – from on-premise to the Cloud, Big Data and the Internet of Things.

BMC Release Process

BMC Release Process Management is a release management tool that allows you to deploy changes to business-critical applications with lightweight, web-based task coordination and execution.

CA Release

CA Release Automation is an application release management solution set enabling continuous delivery for agile software development.

CA Release Automation

CA acquired Nolio in 2013 and rebranded it as CA Release Automation. CA Release Automation is a dynamic application deployment tool that regulates and speeds app delivery across the enterprise, enabling zero-touch deployments from development to production.

Mirco Focus Release

Release Control is a comprehensive solution to manage the application release management lifecycle from development, through deployment, and into production.


Plutora enables predictable, high-quality, automated enterprise software delivery through continuous delivery management.

UrbanCode Release

IBM UrbanCode Release manages the release of complex interdependent applications, infrastructure changes and simultaneous deployments of multiple applications.

XL Release

XL Release is a release management tool specifically for CD. It enables teams across an organization to model & monitor releases, automate tasks within IT infrastructure, and cut release times by analyzing and improving release processes.

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