The number of tools for IT Ops professionals to choose from is overwhelming. For this reason, we created the periodic table of IT Ops tools to better define, organize, and explain the IT Ops tooling landscape. It is our hope that it will help IT professionals find, explore, and choose tools for their future IT Ops stack.

In a portion of this table we dive into Configuration Management tools specifically. Below you will find a list of the top configuration management tools per the interactions we measure on the table.

What is Configuration Management?

Configuration management (CM) is a governance and systems engineering process for ensuring consistency among physical and logical assets in an operational environment. The configuration management process seeks to identify and track individual configuration items (CIs), documenting functional capabilities and interdependencies. Administrators, technicians and software developers can use configuration management tools to verify the effect a change to one configuration item has on other systems.

The best Configuration Management tools:


Ansible is software that automates software provisioning, configuration management, and application deployment.


Chef is an automation platform that transforms infrastructure into code. Chef automates how infrastructure is configured, deployed, and managed across network.


Puppet is an open-source software configuration management tool.


SaltStack is unique in providing event-driven automation for the scalable and efficient configuration and control of compute, storage and network complexity.

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