the future of digital employee experience



Tori Kaufmann-Paulman is a Senior Manager of End User Technology and Sales Enablement at Putnam Investments.


I had a blast presenting on the joint Nexthink / IDG webinar talking with peer leaders about the future of digital employee experience. To really dig in I encourage you to consider each of these words on its own.

Check it out here: 2020: The Future of Digital Employee Experience

Digital – What does digital mean at your company? Are you digitizing human workflows to make them easier, more scalable, free of error, or more cost effective. Are you transforming the way humans interact with each other, your products, or data?

Consider the music industry, in a millennial’s lifetime we have gone from radios, to records, to 8-tracks, to cassettes, to CDs, to iPODs. Then iPODs got smaller and smaller and became phones. Regardless of the device you used you were still listening to YOUR music. And then suddenly we accepted that we would stop OWNING music and instead we interact with music. We subscribe to services that give us access to virtually unlimited music, but we don’t own it, and we allow algorithms to curate playlists for us.


In order to foster or even boost innovative performance, you must be focused on the human (employee) experience.


Employee – I’ll ask you to imagine for a moment one of those guys that you see flapping around at a used car lot. What happens when the air pump turns off? Or when it’s windy or rainy? Is the performance greatly impacted? Or even stopped altogether?

Now think about your knowledge workers. My bet is that they are almost entirely animated by their digital experience, and environmental factors, such as user sentiment, can create a big drag.

According to Gallup, the percentage of workers in the U.S. who are not engaged is 53%! In order to foster or even boost innovative performance, you must be focused on the human (employee) experience. Taking into account the ever changing diversification of the workforce and complexity of the workplace with global office, co-working, work remote, and work-out-loud practices.

Experience – We must rethink our Digital Employee Experience programs to be more focused on the employee experience. IT is faced with competition from more and more bespoke 3rd party tools and integrations that are end-user / consumer friendly. And it is impossible to create a training program that can compete with a tool that an end user has introduced, especially if it’s gone viral.

Instead of seeing this as a threat or competition, IT organizations that establish relationships with their users and embrace their culture of working will be positioned best to stay trusted advisors and leaders.

Enterprise technologists who are tuned into the human experience will be best positioned to lead their employees into digital transformation.

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